Why 44?

The number 44 represents efficiency, business, consciousness, attention, discipline, and equilibrium in numerology. The number 44 is associated with financial success and a keen business sense for those who have it as their life path number.

Though we are not believers in numerology per se, we do acknowledge the symbolism of things, and the power of serendipity. When our founding partners were conceptualising the company, they've stubled on several trading methodoligies, amny of them employing a 40-50 trade per time period strategy, making the choice of the repdigit 44, seemed esthetically refelxivse. The rest is history.

Our team here at 44Trades.com believes in numbers above all. Let us help you get the results you're looking for; rsults you can measure. We'll take your starting capital and turn it into a diverse exponentially growing profit machine. Don't settle for mediocracy, go 44!