KYC policy

Know your customer policies have become increasingly important worldwide lately, especially among banks and other financial institutions, in order to prevent identity theft, money laundering, financial fraud and terrorist activity.

Upon open an account with 44Trades and after fund your account your account will be active but not you verify, you will receive a welcome email from us where you will ask to send documents in order to verify your account.

In order to verify your account and to make sure that there is not any illegal activity involved with opening the trading account you will need to go throw verification steps requested by our compliance team. You will be ask to send us the following:

Proof of identity: only official government issued IDs are accepted (ID/passport):

most be color scan and valid for at least the next 12 months. The document most be scanned completely without any corner missing and all details are clearly seen.

Proof of address: Utility bill from the last 3 months. Most be on the name of the account holder. Address and name should be visible as well as the date. In the case the UB is not on the name of the account holder our compliance might ask for supporting documents ( in case a relative is the owner of the UB). Mobile phone bills are not accepted, only officials bills such as Electricity, Gas , Renting (renting contract might be requested), and bank statement

Declaration of deposit: on each deposit you make to funds you account you will be requested to sigh a declaration form, in case the deposit is done with a credit card a credit card scan from both side will be requested as well, card holder name , expiration date, last 4 digit and cvv most be visible

Source of funds: in some cases and upon compliance check you will need to explain the source of funds and proofs might be requested

Documents can be send by email or upload directly to the website, our agents will help you with any issue you have in sending or uploading the documents.